Our mission is to make disciples who live devoted to the glory of God for the good of others.

This mission includes:

Being a hospital for the broken –

  • We are a safe community
  • We accept the rejected
  • We gently (come alongside to) restore
  • We are a family (dysfunctional, yet committed to God’s glory for the good of each other)

Being a rehabilitation center for healing –

  • We proclaim “Good News”
  • We find rest in Christ’s work
  • We hold on to hope

Being a gym for strength & service –

  • We equip others for ministry
  • We carry each other’s burdens
  • We grow together
  • We are set-apart & sent out to reach the world

As a Hospital...

The church is made up of broken, needy, sinful people – it is not made up of people who have it all together – Jesus came not to call the healthy, but to call those who are sick & because we are all sick – the church must be a hospital – where the proper diagnosis of your problem (sin) & proper treatment (Gospel) is administered.

The church should be the safest place in the world for broken people to come to find hope, help, & healing.Which means we should gently come alongside to restore sinners (Gal.6:1-2) by acting as ER Nurses who comfort & help the afflicted & lead others to Jesus as the only one who can heal, mend, and restore.

As a Rehab Center...

In a rehabilitation center there is a training routine that can’t be done without the support of others (Church family).

In this rehabilitation process – We are committed to Proclaiming good news not giving good advice – We are committed to finding rest in Christ’s work FOR us – We are committed to holding on to the hope of new life by learning to stand on His grace! We are concerned about Gospel-growth in people’s lives.

As a Gym...

The church is a diverse body made up of many different parts – it is not a place where we only accept certain people & cater to the latest fads – We are to equip for ministry all who Jesus saves – Now that you are learning to walk in the grace of the gospel – you become an instrument in the Redeemer’s Hands to help others to grow in their understanding of the gospel – This requires – Training, equipping, & preparing people to do works of ministry.

Here we learn how to exercise our gifts & discover what those gifts are as we serve one another.